What is Reiki?

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Reiki is a natural healing technique that works to balance the body’s electrical system made up of chakras and meridians. The electrical system serves as a bridge between the body and spirit and stores information for either system to utilize and learn from.


In a session, the client will lay fully clothed on a massage table while the practitoner uses their hands on and off the body to be able to feel the flow coming off the energetic system. As the practitoner directs Reiki energy to these areas, low frequencies and energy blocks are cleared. This promotes significantly lower stress levels and physical and emotional healing.


Reiki helps to highlight and remind the body of it’s own natural ability to heal. It is a powerful modality that works to create a safe space for the body to heal itself in ways that are comfortable and sustainable.

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Tools utilized in a session

Within a Reiki session different healing tools will be utilized. Color, sound, crystals, essential oils, and different visualizations are implemented to help establish relaxation and facilitate the moving of energy.


Crystals are my personal favorite tool to use. They are a quick, non-invasive way to help raise vibrational frequencies. All of my clients receive a free crystal at the end of every session!

It is amazing how personal the support can be for each session through these amazing tools!

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