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Whitney Johnson

Reiki Master/Teacher
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I was introduced to Reiki in 2015 and could instantly feel the power of this amazing tool. I am dedicated to learning and understanding as much as I can about Reiki and the electrical system of the body.

I have a deep love for people and am super passionate in helping others find the greatness within themselves. I love that Reiki helps create balance between the body and spirit. I have a strong belief in the ability to choose, and honor all religious beliefs and walks of life. No matter your beliefs my message is the same-

You are LOVED


You Are Not Alone.

What is Reiki?

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Reiki is a natural healing technique that works to balance the body’s electrical system.

The Reiki practitioner has been trained to recognize energy blocks within the system.
In a session, low frequencies and energy blocks are cleared. This promotes significantly lower stress levels and physical and emotional healing.

Reiki helps to highlight and remind the body of it’s own natural ability to heal. It is a powerful modality that works to create a safe space for the body to heal itself in ways that are comfortable and sustainable.


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In-Person Sessions


Having a session in person is an amazing way to really get the body and spirit involved!

The client will lay on the massage table, fully clothed, as the practitioner works with hands on and off the body to access the electrical system.


By clearing low frequencies and energy blocks in the body, we can promote physical and emotional healing. 

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“Whitney’s positive energy can be felt as soon as you enter her studio. She facilitates the healing you are ready for. I always leave feeling peace and joy.” 

- Melanie


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“Whitney is so amazing! I highly recommend doing a Reiki session with her. She is very patient and loving in the session. There is something about her voice and spirit that is so soothing and comforting! Book with her, you won’t regret it!”

- Chantel

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“Whitney is truly incredible! She has such a gift in Reiki and is very good at what she does! She just knows how to step in and utilize the healing tools. I love her so much!” 

- Shayna